Services and Rates

Full Service Piano Tuning $165.00

For pianos that have had routine service.  A typical appointment is about 2 hours and I'll not just tune it, but I'll look over and make any minor repairs, adjustments or voicing within the time given.

Pitch Corrections $80.00

A piano that has been neglected for 2 or more years is likely to need a pitch correction.  This is necessary to build stability into the piano for it to hold the tuning. 

Parts and Repairs

Squeaky pedals, broken strings or a key that sticks are no problem to repair.  Labor is pro-rated at $100 an hour, and parts are ordered as needed, oftentimes already on hand.

Cleaning $50.00 - $125.00

Depending on a basic soundboard sweep, piano vacuum and polish to a down-right dirty piano, allow me to clean it up for you!

Regulation $250 and up

Is the piano not playing as well as it should?  It may need some mechanical adjustments.  Whether a few hours of work or an all day regulation, I can help your piano play and feel its best.

Player System Repairs

Can your piano play itself, but just won't?  I can service, upgrade and install all current forms of player piano systems.  QRS, PianoDisc, Disklavier or Spirio, I understand how to get them running again.